In an emergency

Recommendations for the period after the procedure

Your behaviour can influence how quickly your body recovers from an operation:

  • Cooling: Applying cooling to your face in regular intervals, close to the location of the operation, helps to reduce swelling. Please do not apply ice. Instead, use a moist towel or a cold bag.
  • Rest: You should take it easy and avoid strenuous activities immediately after your operation in order to prevent complications.
  • Body position: Sit or lie with your upper body slightly raised after your operation.
  • Do not smoke: Experience has shown that most complications following dental surgery occur in smokers. You should therefore strictly abstain from smoking for the first few days after the operation.


What to do in the event of complications

Severe pain and swelling:

In the following cases, please call us directly (outside practice opening hours via the emergency contact) or consult the dental emergency service:

  • Throbbing pain in synch with your heartbeat
  • Swelling with increasing difficulty swallowing
  • Unspecific, intense pain of despite the prescribed painkillers

Postsurgical bleeding:

In the case of profuse bleeding that can’t be stopped by biting down on a cloth or handkerchief for at least 30 minutes:

  • Contact us
  • If you’re afraid you’ve lost a large amount of blood, consult the dental emergency service. Don´t drive there yourself!
  • Don´t irrigate the wound
  • Rest with your upper body as upright as possible


You can also reach us outside opening hours.

We’re still there for you after the procedure – even if the practice is closed. After your operation, you will be given a sheet with our emergency number.

Here you will find a nearby pharmacy that is open for emergencies after 6.00 p.m. or at the weekend.