Registration form

Being well prepared for your first appointment

We endeavour to make your appointment to our practice as pleasant as possible. That includes avoiding waiting times. You should therefore complete your registration form at home before your appointment.

It couldn’t be easier: just download the form, print it out, complete it and take it along with you to your first appointment.

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What to expect during your first appointment to our practice:

Please let us know when arranging an appointment if you have acute symptoms or pain.

Remember to bring along any important documents when you come to us for the first time: X-rays, photos and other documents. The more we know about your dental situation, the better we’ll be able to advise you.

Your first appointment is not a treatment session. We will first determine together what needs to be done. To that end, we will examine you first of all.

Our team will also evaluate the documents. Together with you, we will then decide on sensible treatment approaches.

We will also consider the dental and financial alternatives with you before making a joint decision about your treatment.

Only when that has all been done and you are in agreement will we schedule, prepare and carry out the treatment.

Still have questions? No problem. Just jot down all your questions and bring your notes along with you to your first appointment.

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